How to reach Ljubljana

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    The local airport is the Ljubljana Jože Pučnik airport (LJU), located about 25 km from the city centre.

    Larger surrounding airports with good international connections are the Zagreb Franjo Tuđman airport (ZAG, 150 km) and the Venice Marco Polo airport (VCE, 230 km) or Venice Treviso airport (TSF, 220 km).

    Smaller surrounding airports include Klagenfurt Airport in Austria (KLU, 90 km), and the Trieste airport (TRS, 120 km) in Italy. 

    Travel from the airport to Ljubljana city centre will, in some cases, be possible by a bus or train (you can check directions on webpages below). The most convenient way of traveling from any airport to the city centre, preferred by locals as well, is with shuttle vans organised by GoOpti. They usually provide a range of options, balancing price with convenience. For example, a very cheap connection will be available, if a wider time window for a pick up is chosen and the journey is booked well in advance. They also offer VIP options such as a full vehicle reserved at a specific departure time. The latter option might be reasonably priced when a group of people is travelling together.
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Public transportation

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    One way public bus fare can be paid by using a payment card (Visa, Mastercard) at the validation screen upon entering the bus.
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There are multiple taxi companies operating in Ljubljana with pricing relatively consistent between them. Starting and kilometre charges vary between companies and times of the day but generally range between 0.80 EUR and 1.50 EUR for the starting fee and from 0.70 EUR to 1.70 EUR per kilometre fee. You can find a list of taxi companies and their contact information here

There are no ride-sharing companies (such as Uber or Lyft) operating in Ljubljana. Many taxi companies (including the larger Metro, Laguna, and Cameo) run their own booking apps which are available to download for iOS and Android devices. Most of the companies accept card payment (make sure to request this at the time of the booking) but drivers always prefer cash.